The Top 10 Reasons to : Date a fisherman

Today I start my first in many in the series of Top 10s and as a start here I will be listing what I feel are the top 10 reasons to date a fisherman. Being an angler myself, I have to say I would say some of these are rather true.

  1. We have a lot of patience. (That is the essence of fishing eh)
  2. We are careful to take care and are very protective of our equipment and so we would be towards you. (Not that you are equipment to us, it’s that it is in our nature)
  3. Most of us can cook, as it is essential for any one who calls himself and angler to know how to catch a fish, to clean a fish and to cook a fish.
  4. We know the places with some of the best sunsets in the world. (Cos well that is where some of our fishing spots are)
  5. We can give our undivided attention to just one thing.
  6. We give a lot of time and money to what brings us happiness.
  7. We know the subject of our desire inside and out. (Basically we would know what makes you happy once we learn about it)
  8. Just like how we brave thunderstorms, rain and unpredictable weather to catch our fish, we can take the ups and downs of life with you.
  9. We take our passions more seriously than life an death.
  10. We are passionate and our passion is undying and only grows more everyday

There you have it my personal top 10 reasons why it would be awesome to date a fisherman.


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